Hydrogeochemistry And eNvironmental Data Sciences (HANDS) Research Group

I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Syracuse University. My research interests span a broad range of topics focusing mainly on hydrogeology, geochemistry, environmental sciences, and data mining.

I am currently recruiting MS and PhD students to join my research group at Syracuse University, located in Syracuse, New York. Please check the Opportunities page.

Research Interest

  • Water cycle within the coupled human (e.g., energy extraction and urbanization) and natural systems at varying temporal and spatial scales using both data mining (big data) and case study (small data) approaches
  • Co-evolution of geosphere and biosphere
  • Global and regional carbon cycle
  • Best practice in managing and utilizing big geoscience datasets
  • Open science and open/FAIR data

Research Keywords

Water sustainability
Water quality
Carbon cycle
Rock weathering
Data mining
Environmental data sciences
Oil and gas
Geothermal energy
Noble gas geochemistry