Lab Group

Postdoctoral Scholars and Staff

Douglas Wood
Field and Computer Technician

Graduate Students

Nick Su
Ph.D. Student
Khi Atchinson
Ph.D. Student
Zanchenling Wang
Ph.D. Student
Liyang Qin
Ph.D. Student

Undergraduate Students

Aamna Khan
B.S. 2026
Aamna is a double major in B.S. Environmental Geoscience and B.A. History and Environment, Sustainability, and Policy.
Ryan Olivier-Meehan
B.S. 2025
Ryan is a double major in B.S. Data Analytics and B.A. Earth Science.

Lab Visitors

Please email me to learn about opportunities in my research group.

Lab Alumni

Sam Nesheim
M.S. 2023
Sam is a Water Sciences Research Technician at Michigan State University.
Beibei E
M.S. 2023
Beibei is a Ph.D. student in Oceanography at Texas A&M University.
Sam Walcott
B.S. 2023
Sam is a member of the Transmission Development Program at Eversource Energy.
Jenna Klein
B.S. 2023
Jenna is an Environmental Scientist at AECOM.
Linda Arterburn
B.S. 2023
Linda is a Ph.D. student in Atmospheric Chemistry at Georgia Institute of Technology.
Rohit Patil
M.S. 2021
Rohit is a Software Development Engineer at Amazon.
Favour Epuna
M.S. 2022
Favour is a Staff Scientist at Aspect Consulting LLC.